Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Life Is Busy

It has been months since I last posted. Sorry... I'll try to get back on this thing ASAP. It's like riding a bike, right?!

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Do I have ADD?

This is not a joke. I think I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I think I've always had it (perhaps a mild case).  I've just learned to cope with it. I've been doing a lot of research on the subject. I have many of the symptoms and feel it has become worse over the last few years. Is that possible? I'm asking for some input here...

Symptoms of ADD:

* Easily Distracted  (I have never been able to work on projects or do sustained reading with distractions of any kind - music playing, people talking, TV on in the background, etc.  I do my best work/reading in a quiet, stimuli-free environment. I think that's one of the reasons I've always been a "night owl." I read at night, do school work at night, etc.)
* Difficulty concentrating on one thing at a time  (Very true!  I'm not a multi-tasker.  My brain will not allow it.)
* Has a hard time focusing or paying attention during conversations, listening to others, or while reading  (Again, very true! I have trained myself to focus during conversations/listening, but still find myself wandering off and ask to have things repeated.  This is one thing I hate about myself. I really DO try to be a good listener.)
* Forgets things like appointments or obligations  (This has gotten much worse.)
* Has trouble following directions that have multiple steps  (I make a habit of writing things down.  Otherwise, I would have to ask to have directions repeated - another coping mechanism.)
* Tends to procrastinate  (HELLO! That's my middle name!)
* Has trouble prioritizing information  (Not so much.)
* Tends to get impatient easily  (Another symptom that seems to be getting worse.  When I AM paying attention in conversation, I sometimes  find it hard to wait my turn to speak.   I have to force myself NOT to interrupt others when talking.  I also do A LOT of counting to 10 when things aren't moving as quickly as I want them to.  I despise the feeling of impatience in the pit of my stomach!)
* Feels restless and antsy (When I'm bored, yes.)
* Loses track of time and has trouble with time management  (Losing track of time? No.  Time management? Yes.)
* Often misplaces or has difficulty finding things at home or at work  (Getting worse.)
* Acts before thinking through consequences  (No! I always think about consequences.)
* Speaks or blurts out before thinking about the impact your words will have on others  (I hope not. I usually go out of my way NOT to hurt people. Even the ones who annoy me.)
* Tends to have lots of racing thoughts   (No.)
* Gets bored easily  (Yes.)
* Tends to make careless mistakes when working on a tedious or difficult project  (This doesn't apply to me. I am usually very meticulous when working on projects. However, I cannot have any distractions.)
* Takes risks frequently   (I'm not a risk taker.)

So...According to this list of symptoms, I have 11 out of 17. What do you think? I'm seriously thinking about talking to my doctor about this. Kevin thinks I'm being silly.

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Mother's Day

So far, this has been a wonderful day. I was greeted this morning to a giggling, curly-headed little girl, hiding under the covers in my bed. Ella said, "Happy Mother's Day," when I pulled the covers down. K-Bugg had tons of Mother's Day gifts and handmade cards she has been working on all week at home and at school. Could it get any better than that? Yes, it could! Breakfast, balloons, flowers, cards and presents - including new flip flops and clothes!

I am currently at home, waiting on my family to return from the store. Kevin took the girls to purchase worms and sub sandwiches for an afternoon of fishing and a picnic lunch at the park. The girls got new fishing rods from Maw Maw Catherine (their great grandma) and have been looking for an excuse to use them. Today seems like the perfect day to test out those new rods! I wish you were here, Maw Maw - to see the girls fishing today! Happy Mother's Day to you (Maw Maw Catherine), my Mom, Maw Maw Billie, and Nana Tracy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009
My Angel Has Lost Her Wings!

This weekend has been a challenging one with Ella. For whatever reason, she has decided our family's "Rules" are not for her. She has adamantly refused to listen or follow directions at times. When asked to go to "Time Out" for her bad behavior, her reply has been, "NO!" What could have been a 2 minute time out, turned into a 2 hour "redirecting" event on Saturday (4 am to 6 am) and a 30 minute "redirecting" session this afternoon (at nap time). Not only has she refused to sit in Time Out - but has also tried to get out of Time Out with hitting and spitting (REAL spitting - not cute little raspberry spitting)! I have to admit, Nanny 911 and Super Nanny tactics have really gotten me through the past two days! I didn't have these strategies with Kellynn, and I gave up too quickly with her. This taught Kellynn how to manipulate us as parents at an early age. It took years (and I mean years) to get Kellynn on the right path of following directions. Ella hasn't been so lucky! I've had Super Nanny under my belt this time!

Saturday, March 07, 2009
Nae Nae's Notes

Wow! It's been awhile since I've updated my blog. Let's see if I can catch everyone up...

* Kellynn turned 7 years old at the end of January. She had her first sleepover with three friends. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was in town that weekend, so we took the kids to the circus. It was a blast!

* Ella is doing really well with potty training. She stays dry all day long (in her big girl panties). She rarely has an accident when it comes to peeing. However, pooping in the potty doesn't happen as often as I would hope. Any suggestions on how I can encourage her?

* "Shelby the Super Dog" is now in Dog Obedience classes. I've never trained a dog before, so I am learning a lot. I look forward to our class each week.

* We had another snow day on Monday of this week. We got about 3-4 inches of snow. Kellynn played in it all day long. Ella was over it after 15 minutes.

* Kevin had the flu this past week. He was home for three days. Now I'm feeling under the weather. I hope it's not the flu.

* Kellynn and I went skiing on Tuesday and Wednesday. We skipped school and took a "Girls Trip" to Sugar Mountain with one of her little friends from school. Her friend's family has a condo right on one of the ski slopes. Kellynn wasn't happy about it, but I signed her up for a private skiing lesson (a refresher course). After one hour, Kellynn picked up skiing again and was ready to take the ski lift all the way to the top of the mountain! I was amazed at how quickly she picked it back up after two years. She skis faster than I do!

* We took the cover off of the pool today. Spring is just around the corner, so we thought we'd get a jump start on getting the pool ready.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
My Snow Angels

After much anticipation, my "Snow Angels" were able to get out into the snow and play. It felt like Christmas Eve as they went to bed last night (the weather man forecasted 3 - 6 inches). When we woke up around 7:00, there was maybe an inch and half. It continued to snow until lunchtime. We probably got a total of 3 inches at the most. It was enough to get the girls excited (especially Kellynn). We couldn't get dressed fast enough! The girls had a blast sledding, riding around on the four wheeler, throwing snowballs and making their own snow angels.

Sunday, January 18, 2009
911...Vet Emergency

Last night, Shelby - The Super Dog, gave us a scare. Somehow, she hurt her leg/foot and wouldn't walk on it at all. Being the good dog she is, she never cried or whined about the injury. I didn't even realize she was hurt until she wouldn't get up and kept giving me the "sad, puppy dog" eyes. When I made her get up, she limped around, not wanting to put her foot down. She let me look at it and move it around, without a single whimper. We watched her for about an hour, then decided to take her to the emergency vet when she still refused to walk. Before leaving for the vet's office, we took Shelby out for one last chance to use the bathroom. A miracle happened. One minute she couldn't walk on her foot - the next minute she is running around like there was nothing wrong! By the time we got back into the house, there was no sign that her leg had ever been injured. Weird!

Monday, January 12, 2009
Karate Kid

K-Bugg recently started taking Taekwondo lessons. Two of her little friends from school began lessons a few months ago and she has been begging us to take her ever since. After swimming lessons ended, we went for a free trial of Taekwondo. After observing one lesson, I knew this was for her! Discipline, discipline, discipline! The instructor is all about discipline and perseverance. The words, "I can't" are not allowed. His motto is - You will keep trying until you can!

36 Years and Counting...

On Saturday, I celebrated my 36th birthday. Since I'm over "the hump" of 35, I guess I'm officially in my "late" 30s! Honestly, the time has passed by so quickly. I have to agree with my Dad and grandmother (Maw Maw Catherine) - the older you get, the faster the years go by! I feel like age is just a number, so no - I don't feel old. Perhaps when I reach the 40 milestone, I might change my mind. What are your thoughts on age?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009
A New Family Member

I've been saying, "No!" for years.  I've had no desire to add additional responsibilities to my plate.  The "No!" has been a firm one (or so I thought)!

"Shelby- The Super Dog" (the girls named her) came to live with us on New Years Eve. We adopted her from a family who could no longer take care of her.  We were told she was a Beagle - but after a little research, we think she's an English Pointer.  She is 6 months old and completely housebroken. Leash trained? That's another story!  I have never considered myself a "dog person" - but this dog has stolen my heart.  She is the sweetest thing!  And to the family members who laughed out loud when I told them about my new dog - kiss this!  You know you want to! 

I am a mother, wife and full-time teacher, with a very sassy little girl (daughter 1) on my hands and another one following in her footsteps (daughter 2). And I wonder where the gray hairs are coming from?


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